Friday, November 13, 2009

Sales Sales and Friends and Sapphires

Running my first sale at my Etsy store,

Cross your fingers. Friends coming into town tonight for a fly-by visit. Should be a
blast as it always is! I have to teach my jazzercise class in the bright early morning, so by the time I get back home pancakes should be on the table.... I love that!

Looking forward to sharing some new earrings - little round sapphire cab's set into precious metal clay (PMC). PMC is fine silver (99%) silver as opposed to sterling which is 92% silver (rest of percentage is made of copper alloy). PMC is formed just as one would form regular earthenware clay, and fired in a kiln. The resulting piece is pure silver. And beautiful! I am looking forward to making more stone-set pieces. If I don't say so myself, they are very beautiful. Pictures coming when I have time on a sunny day to actually take some pictures. Lets hope for that soon!

Ciao for now,

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