Monday, December 21, 2009

Let it Snow

It has been snowing orders from my store - by my accounts it's been a banner first holiday season on Etsy. Thanks to all of my new customers and other talented Etsy sellers! It's a privilage to be part of that wonderful community of artists. I am looking forward to the time to make all of the new designs that are floating in my head already! Here is a peek at the blue sapphire piece bezel set in pmc.

Lots of snow here in the East - it was fun to wake up and then shovel.

Good luck with getting last minute holiday preparations completed! Remember that it's all about sharing time - in real space/time or over the phone or through letters, email....

And what IS 'perfect' anyway? It's all perfect right now.


Friday, December 11, 2009

New Beauties

A couple of new pieces posted yesterday. I love these and thought I would share. Just got a new mandrel for making bracelets and bangles. And a new raising hammer that I've coveted for a while. What a difference. Its all about the tools folks, always get the best ones.

Many 'items' going on. Sensory problems 'finally' diagnosed for my son. In some way it's a relief to have a systematic 'outline' of why and exactly how he has struggled all of his 7 years; and also heartbreaking. But there is much we can do as far as helping him and for that I am so grateful. And we see results right away. As we did when we first started with his cranial sacral therapy and homeopathic remedies.

Still a huge dose of love and patience is always needed. I love that little wisp of a boy and he truly is a joy, along with his sister. The difficult days or moments always bring me back to the very basic excercise of breathing and accepting things as they are in that moment. I have discovered that is the way to move peacefully through life. I don't always succeed! But I try, and it doesn't take me too long to remember to take a short break....and try again with a more accepting attitude.

Peace to all of you this season. Look into the eyes of the little and big people that you love and show them how much they mean to you. They are why we are here on this planet doing all of the things that we do. Sharing our gifts with them, and in turn enjoying those that they bring to us.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jazzercise and Jewelry

Today was all about jewelry and jazzercise. My daughter who is "more than four and half" as she puts it is a great little worker! Orders are coming in and I needed a helper. She has become an expert at putting earrings onto earring cards & my business cards into the jewelry boxes. She is also very into fishing out all of the pieces from the steel shot after they have been tumble polished. She feels very important helping me and I honestly am grateful for the jobs that she does! I just wonder when I'll have to start paying her....

Then it was off to teach my Jazzercise class. We had two new students tonight which is always exciting. I love seeing students laugh as they try to get the new moves down. Everyone feels like they have 2 left feet when they first start, but after they have 4 or 5 Jazzercise classes under their belt they get the hang of it and bust a move! It's very rewarding being on stage and helping these incredible women get a great workout, and motivating them to stay fit and make healthy choices.