Sunday, April 20, 2014


Do you ever realize suddenly that you need a break? That you are burned out? Or do you wisely build in relaxation time for yourself? 

Well, I've been quiet on the outside lately, but like the soil in Spring time, very busy on the inside. Its been 'out with the old' and 'in with the new.' I am designing a new collection, reorganizing the studio (read: total overhaul and unload of inventory), and, most exciting: redesigning my business structure. Sounds fun huh? Let me tell you it IS fun! Why? Because my head is bursting with ideas for great new designs to bring to you and fantastic new ways to do that!

Suddenly, however, I realized I needed some serious relaxation time. Its good be excited, but it's also very productive to STOP. As I was relaxing (in the bright April sun), I read this fantastic and timely quote from The Brand Alchemist's blog: "...It’s not really “committing” when you bust through walls and never stop. Committing means committing to every aspect of the growth of [insert what's relevant to you here: yourself, your company, your relationship, your children], and that includes the breaks we need to sit back and… marinate for a moment in order to clearly see how we can dive back in…"

And I also regenerated by working (at a leisurely pace) with Mike on prepping our organic raised beds, enjoying the time to hang out together, being in the sun, and smelling the fresh soil and compost:  

Guess what? I feel better….

Leave a comment below and tell me how you've 'stopped' lately.

Here's to committing to the whole process:  stopping, relaxation and all…