Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cleaning the Studio and Try Try Again with Sales

Well, no bites from the weekend sale. But it was my first go-around with a sale promo. I will have to experiment with how much to discount, how many items etc. Or go the 'free-shipping' route. My store is still new (http://www.kmbrownstudio.etsy.com) so people are still finding me. I am learning ... just keep swimming, just keep swimming....as Dorey says in "Finding Nemo."

I do have a 'live' customer coming to my studio today to look at some work. So that means..... Yes, cleaning. Which I will go and do now. It is always good to have a reason to buckle down and clean the studio. I always work better in an organized environment anyway.

Have a great & clean & organized day!

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