Sunday, January 26, 2014

My life-partner-soul-mate Mike wakes up each day and along with morning coffee, infuses his body-mind with world news and stories that he hunts down from the more astute and thinking websites out there.  I, admittedly with some embarrassment, will share with you that I have never been much of a news consumer.  His habit, however, has rubbed off somewhat and this morning we watched/read some fascinating stories including one about truffles and another about bees.  Specifically, how the head of Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program at the USGS (United States Geological Survey), Sam Droege, refined a system to photograph the 4,000 species of bees that live in North America, north of Mexico. The point being that not only have these incredible photos resulted, but there is now a better way to understand, study and document these creatures upon which our whole life on this planet depends. They are the pollinators.  Without them we all perish - no plants flowers vegetables you name it, can grow. We know this, but somehow seeing the incredible photos of these beautiful and so tiny creatures brought it home again to me, and to put it eloquently: it just blows my mind.  

The beauty and complexity of nature has always affected me in a way that I find challenging to express in words. Words such as ‘awe,’ ‘tenderness,’ ‘excitement,’ and a sort of overwhelming wonder seem to only vaguely describe the response I have when I ponder the natural world in its absolute infinite breadth, complexity and inter-connectedness. That is, then, part of my motivation for being an artist, for creating beautiful wearable mini-sculptures.  It is through my jewelry designs that I express this appreciation I have of the shapes, textures and the light and shadow of the natural world. My designs of minimal forms and shapes are intended to evoke the same kind of pure and ‘coming home’ feeling one may experience in nature.  The simple and organic forms of my pieces are meant to inspire and remind the wearer to take a ‘moment,’ much as seeing a beautiful flower might cause a person to pause and just appreciate.  And with any luck I am successful…

Have a wonderful week!


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