Sunday, February 2, 2014

It may seem strange but I occasionally ask myself, ‘Why jewelry?’  As in, why design jewelry, why is this my passion?  The answer is about as simple as answering ‘Why am I an artist?’  The only answer that I have found to that is, “Because I am!”

Having two children of my own, I know from observation that they pretty much ‘pop out as is,’ full of their very own character traits.  Almost like Athena from Zeus’ head, although not in adult form (thank goodness!), nor fully armed.  Yes, there is nurture, and my artist mother certainly nurtured my ablity and desire to create just about anything.

I approach my work as a jewelry designer as an artist and I think of each design as a miniature scuplture. That my 3-dimensional designs are wearable is no accident though. I worked as a sculptor, creating large scale ceramic works, for the early part of my ‘official’ career as an artist.  I wanted however to create something more intimate and more accessible, to more people. 

I have always been a collector of tiny interesting things – nature-made and person-made - so when I found my way to jewelry design it was a beautiful and logical marriage of my drive to create sculpture, my interest in personal adornment, and my love of small treasures. I have never looked back!

In the end it may simply come down to this quote I came across by Rob Bell that seems to neatly sum it up, “It was always, I have to try, because that’s where the joy is.”

Have a wonderful day!

Xo Kristen

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