Monday, April 5, 2010

New Beginnings

Hope everyone who celebrated/has been celebrating Easter, Passover and the Spring Equinox had good and thoughtful celebrations! It was an incredibly beautiful day here in the North East, after all the rain and flooding. We were in Rhode Island w/ the kids Auntie and cousins and witnessed the devastating flood damage in so many places there. Sending good thoughts for everyone cleaning up from that, and hoping they all had good flood insurance.

New beginnings here. We have 8 new chicks! Adorable and peeping like crazy. I wonder if Buttercup (my remaining Black Giant) will feel motherly toward them or want to eat them? Chickens are ...unpredictable. To me anyway who is still a novice. I'll let her look at them today through their little cage. I'll see if I can read her chicken thoughts

New designs this week too I hope. Studio time is being weedled away already this week b/c of various appointments and obligations. My goal is to get in there and do a bezel set piece in PMC. It looks great w/ my sweatshirt. This is a classic bezel set piece - the new ones will have a surrounding 'field' of silver! Yum!

Off to the feed store. The peeps need food!


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