Monday, April 19, 2010

Happenings in and around the studio...

Here is how the progress begins on making a bezel set piece with PMC (precious metal clay): Here you see the slab of 'clay' (micro-particles of fine silver mixed with an organic binder that burns off in a kiln at 1500 degreesF, resulting in a pure (99%) silver piece), a fine silver bezel (soldered together) my drawing/template and the lampwork piece that will be set.
And this is the constructed piece. I am feeling it is a bit over-done... I will make another that is simpler. I do like it...but it is more of a "Piece" than I envisioned. I can't wait till it's fired. It totally transforms, and it is always like Christmas, opening the kiln and beginning the polishing/finishing process. The bit of staw is to keep the loop (bail) round as it dries.

And in other News:
The tooth fairy vistited our house! Chicken News: First it is love...

Then, wrangling.

Here are the moons w/ a ring soldered on the back. I put these on lever-backs. Lovely. My new favorites.

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