Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Changing the Moon

No, I didn't join a HazMat team. This is my get-up for filing/sanding using my flex shaft. I don't want to be inhaling tiny particles - even if they are silver! I am re-working earrings for Jan in CA. An avid Dalai Lama follower. Jan, are you reading this? So, here is the progress:

Notice how one fine silver disc has a tiny loop above it? I am soldering on tiny jump rings to the back, so these can be attatched to a french earwire. These are my 'Full Moon' earrings. Originally designed w/ an attached earwire, so they didn't move much. I was thinking of changing them so they would dangle from an earwire and the design would have more 'flow.' Then Jan emailed and asked if I would change her Full Moon earrings that she had ordered - she wanted them "...maybe 'free' dangling...?" Yeah! I told her I'd been thinking of changing the design and her request was the motivation I needed to do it. Thanks Jan. There is another example of 'every question is a good question.' They will be on their way tomorrow, pending approval from my in-the-field tester in California. ; )

Here is the original design for the full moons:

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