Monday, July 5, 2010


Happily, sales are trucking along, even as I have ramped back my marketing efforts for summer. Life is hurtling along. But it is fun and I am settling into summer with the kids. Chickens now have a new roosting box inside the shed. No more carrying them morning and evening from and to their roosting box inside my old studio. Though I love to carry them and hold their silky little chicken bodies twice a day, I don't miss trying to dodge (occassionally)poopy chicken feet. I feel better that they are behind four solid walls of wood every night. Many animals lurk at the edge of the woods - nature spares none, and chickens taste so good...apparently.

A new bracelet design on the way - I have made two for me, one for mom and another for my friend. Hers is complete with finger print charms of each of her four children that I made w/ pmc. Awesome! I love it. Features red coral, turquoise, lampwork bead(s), my handmade silver beads etc on leather cord.

Promised myself to be in bed by 10:00.
See below: Perhaps I should start working in gold? I think Tut and I could have been friends.....
Good Night! xo Kristen

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