Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting in under the wire

It is 11:59 - I am just getting my now self-scheduled weekly blog entry in just in time. Sunday's seem to be the best day. Just part of my re-organization that is happening slowly for the new year. Trying to be reasonable about time spent on the computer and networking and all of that vs. time spent in the studio. There is far too little time spent in the studio.

Last week I realized I am sort of like a pioneer. Or, at best, slightly rustic. Why? Because I heat my liver of sulfur (used to oxidize the silver), and my pickle (the stuff that takes the oxidation off sterling after soldering) on the WOOD STOVE? Very back-to-nature isn't it? Anyway, I like it because it feels a bit greener than plugging something in. Also, I re-heat my tea on there too - love that! I admit, however, that when I am upstairs I do use the microwave to heat up my tea....

But, truly, I am so glad I am not a pioneer. I read and re-read (and now try to re-re-read to my kids) all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books when I was a kid. Yes, and when I was a teenager I admit! Well, I now realize, excuse me, but how did those mothers change and manage DIAPERS? And did they let the baby crawl on the earthen floor? Maybe...perhaps that is healther than a polyurethaned floor? And how did she clean all those cloth diapers? I lasted about 2 months at best with cloth diapers, and I had a washing machine and running water....and electricity...and a computer...and....

Well, on second thought, heating things up on the wood stove and my morning chores of feeding and watering the chickens and bringing in more wood for the wood box is satifying and pioneer enough for me.

Certainly those homestead wives did not spend their time blogging. Although I am sure some of them spent their evening time making some gorgeous embroidery or other hand crafts....

Good night, it's now officially Monday and I am starting to sport a sore throat to match my kids horrible coughs. Oh dear. (and how did they deal with sickness? ... life was not so romantic on the great prarie I think ...)

night night and xoxo,

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